The Bogui club


This is content I wrote in a review about a famous venue in Madrid. 

After The Concert The Party Begins

At the heart of stylish Chueca, the Bogui Club has a proud 13 year history playing host to some of the best musicians around the world. Musical tricksters from abroad and from Spain, leap up to the raised floor and shower down powerful sounds onto an eager audience hanging on to their seats. Some among the rows upon rows of people sitting down, will finally decide to stand up, and dance alone.

Don’t let thirst ruin your time; the place might be packed, but to move around, you’ve got two bars to choose from: there’s one next to the stage and another right behind the audience.

The venue’s interior has a smooth shade adorned with faint spheres of light, but this soothing ambience transforms once the show is over, and the party begins: now lights are everywhere, they seem tangible, they dance on your shoulders, frolic like fireflies across the gear you strapped on for the night. Along with the DJ, the VIPs take to the stage where the musicians have long since left, and now the chairs from the concert have vanished to make way for the floor and the wild dancing creatures of Madrid’s nightlife.

The private party on the stage has their drinks brought up to them from the adjacent bar; they can sit down and relax, but the DJ right next to them will have them stand with the clan below and swing and bounce to funky soul beats that keep those hips and heels moving. Packed on the dance floor, those in through general admission won’t find it hard to make their way over to the different bars; they’ll find it hard to take a break. The Bogui Club can be your before and after night event, it can be both. Arrange your special place next to the DJ onstage, or squeeze in tight to enjoy the ride with the crowd on fire.