The Improving Company

This is the content I wrote for the company’s landing page. 

The Improving Co. specializes in educational entertainment. We create engaging didactic activities to make learning English as a foreign language more fun. Our belief is that students learn better and faster when they feel inspired.

For 6 years now we have been inspiring young learners to explore their innate creativity and fostering their special capacity to absorb new information when having fun.  The primary objective at The Improving Co. is to develop and fortify our students’ self-esteem when learning a new language. By employing artistic resources that run the gamut from theatre, music, magic, and comedy, to games, audio books, and E-magazines, at The Improving Co., we don’t only teach, we show young learners that acquiring a new language is an adventure to be celebrated.

Our ongoing commitment to researching new methods for learning and development integrates a combination of artistic and therapeutic techniques. With a staff comprised of experts from the performing arts, music, philosophy, psychology, the fine arts, and design, we employ a plethora of approaches to reach out and connect with students of age groups ranging from preschool to high school.

We are proud to be able to collaborate with educational organisms and programs such as B.E.D.AF.A.C.E.P.M, Macmillan, 40 café, Tree House, La Tienda del profesor and Fundación SGAE.


  • Showtime: short, theme-based interactive shows performed in classrooms, designed as language immersion activities.
  • Musicals: plays filled with song and dance, magic and puppets, performed in school auditoriums.
  • The Magazine: online articles in English, adapted to every CEFR language level, with audios that expose students to accents from all  over the English-speaking world.
  • Extracurricular Activities: workshops in arts and crafts, magic, puppeteering, script writing and filmmaking, shadow theatre.